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    China XCMG XCMG Crane Parts XCMG Parts Oil Return Pipe HG1560079361

    Short Description:

    119003248 Oil return pipe 119003315 Oil return pipe 121000281 Oil return pipe

    122402501 Oil return pipe 122700185 Oil return pipe 122706721 Oil return pipe

    122800641 Oil return pipe 125401324 Oil return pipe 126000653 Oil return pipe

    127101972 Oil return pipe 127102544 Oil return pipe 127102827 Oil return pipe

    127103352 Oil return pipe 127103730 Oil return pipe 127103885 Oil return pipeII

    127201472 Oil return pipe 127202376 Oil return pipe 127300157 Oil return pipe

    127301001 Oil return pipe 127301621 Oil return pipe 127400732 Oil return pipe

    127400768 Oil return pipe 127402247 Oil return pipe 127402302 Oil return pipe

    127501411 Oil return pipe 127501563 Oil return pipe 127601069 Oil return pipe

    130104058 Oil return pipe 130104122 Oil return pipe 130104127 Oil return pipe

    134703248 Oil return pipe 134703735 Oil return pipe flange assembly

    127602088 Oil return pipeII 127602091 Oil return pipe bracket 127602170 Oil return pipe

    127700120 Oil return pipe 130102647 Oil return pipe 130103173 Oil return pipe assembly

    130105223 Oil return pipe 130303491 Oil return pipe 130304845 Oil return pipe assembly

    134702002 Oil return pipe 134702002 Oil return pipe 134702622 Oil return pipe assembly

    130104216 Oil return Pipe flange assembly 130104568 Oil return pipe 130104640 Oil return pipe

    130305408 Oil return pipe 130306459 Oil return pipe flange assembly 130701278 Oil return pipe assembly

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    1. Description

    Contact  +8619852008965 WeChat WhatsApp same number

    Applicable models XCMG: QY25K5C_2, QY70KC, QY50KC, QY25K5D_2, QY25KC, XCT35_BR, QY25K5D_3, QY25K5D_3, QY25K5C_1, QY55KC_1, QY25K5F_1, QY50KC, QY50K5C_1, QY25K5C_2, QY25K5F, QY25K5C, QY25K5D_2, QY30KC, QY55K5C_2, QY25K5F_1, QY25K5D_1, QY30KC, QY55K5D, XCT80L6, XCT130_1, XCT12, XCT80L6, XCT25L4_S, XCA40_M, XCA30_JY, XCT25L5_3, XCT55L5, XCT110_1 XCT60L6, XCT12, XCT25L5_SR XCT25L5_2, XCT95L7, XCT75L7, QY110K8C, QY95K7C, QY110K7C, XCT100, XCT75_S, QY40KC, XCT90, XCT25, XCT25L5_E, QY70KC, QY40K5C_2, XCT60L6_1, QY75KC, QY100K7C, QY95KH, QY100K6C, QY50JW, XCT16_1, XCT100_BR, XCT60, QY20K5D, QY85KC, XCT25, XCT80L5, XCT100 XCT20L5_1, XCT75L6, XCT20L5, XCT80_S, XPD36, QY16KC QY16KC, QY40K5D_1, QY25K5L, XCA40, QY40KD, QY80K5D , QY70K5D_1 , QY50KD , QY20K5C XCT50_Y , XCT16_Y , XCT25L4_Y XCT80_Y , XCT60_Y , XCT50_Y and other XCT, QY, RT series models
    2. Introduction and use of Oil return pipe

    Most cars now have an oil return pipe. After the fuel pump supplies fuel to the engine, a certain pressure is formed. In addition to the normal supply of fuel injection to the fuel nozzle, the remaining fuel is sent back to the fuel tank through the oil return pipe, and of course the excess collected by the carbon canister. The gasoline vapor is also returned to the fuel tank through the oil return pipe. The oil return pipe can return the excess oil to the fuel tank, which can relieve the pressure of gasoline and reduce fuel consumption.
    3. Strength

    XCMG Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: XCMG Co., Ltd.) is an important member enterprise with the core business and the longest history of Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: XCMG). It is a large-scale, product variety and series in my country's construction machinery industry. It is a 100 billion-level leading enterprise with complete, highly competitive, influential and national strategic position. At present, it ranks first in the domestic industry, third in the global industry, fourth in China's top 100 machinery industries, and 395th in the world's top 500 brands. It is a resounding business card for China's equipment manufacturing industry.
    XCMG all-terrain cranes have profound technical accumulation and continue to lead the global crane technology revolution. The leading XC A1200 all-terrain crane is the eight-axle 1200-ton all-terrain crane with the highest lifting performance in the industry, and the world's first self-folding special boom for wind power.
    The market share of XCMG truck cranes is nearly 60% in the country. XCMG's unique mature key technology improves performance in all aspects, creating excellent value for customers, with full coverage of arm length, stronger power, more prominent efficiency, more stable operation, more outstanding economy, and more reliable system.

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