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    China XCMG Release bearing

    Short Description:

    142701851 Release bearing   800341194 Release bearing   800347119 Release bearing

    800358921 Release bearing   800368031 Release bearing   800368058 Release bearing  

    800368077 Release bearing   800368121 Release bearing   800368125 Release bearing  

    800368128 Release bearing   800368158 Release bearing   800368181 Release bearing 

    800368218 Release bearing   800368250 Release bearing   800368279 Release bearing  

    800500794 Release bearing   860302573 Release bearing   860501629 Release bearing  

    860502386 Release bearing   860530739 Release bearing   860530778 Release bearing  

    860536898 Release bearing   860536951 Release bearing   860537066 Release bearing 

    860537093 Release bearing   860541791 Release bearing   860541959 Release bearing    

    860559613 Release bearing   800369448 Self-lubricating clutch release bearing

    802150733 Clutch release bearing assembly  

    860535508 Self-aligning clutch release bearing assembly

    Product Detail

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    1. Description

    Applicable models XCMG:QY25K5C_2 ,QY70KC, QY50KC, QY25K5D_2 ,QY25KC , XCT35_BR  ,QY25K5D_3 QY25K5D_3 ,QY25K5C_1 , QY55KC_1 ,QY25K5F_1, QY50KC, QY50K5C_1 ,QY25K5C_2 ,QY25K5F ,QY25K5C ,QY25K5D_2, QY30KC, QY55K5C_2  ,  QY25K5F_1 ,QY25K5D_1 ,QY30KC ,QY55K5D,XCT80L6 XCT130_1 , XCT12 , XCT80L6 , XCT25L4_S , XCA40_M,  XCA30_JY , XCT25L5_3  ,XCT55L5  XCT110_1 , XCT60L6 , XCT12 , XCT25L5_SR  , XCT25L5_2 , XCT95L7 , XCT75L7 , QY110K8C , QY95K7C  ,QY110K7C , XCT100  XCT75_S , QY40KC , XCT90 , XCT25  ,XCT25L5_E , QY70KC  QY40K5C_2 , XCT60L6_1 , QY75KC , QY100K7C , QY95KH  QY100K6C  ,QY50JW  XCT16_1  ,XCT100_BR , XCT60 , QY20K5D  ,QY85KC , XCT25 , XCT80L5 , XCT100 , XCT20L5_1  ,XCT75L6 , XCT20L5,  XCT80_S , XPD36 , QY16KC , QY16KC  ,QY40K5D_1  ,QY25K5L , XCA40 , QY40KD , QY80K5D  QY70K5D_1 ,  QY50KD , QY20K5C XCT50_Y, XCT16_Y  ,XCT25L4_Y , XCT80_Y , XCT60_Y ,XCT50_Y etc. XCT  ,QY , RT Series models.

    2.Bearing Housing introduction

    Since a bearing can choose different bearing seats, and a bearing seat can choose different types of bearings at the same time, there are many varieties of bearing seats. The bearing seat is included in Quick and Easy, and many large foreign bearing companies also have their own bearing seat catalogs. However, the same bearing housing model is not identically marked in different company catalogs. For different applications of standard bearing housings, housings of different materials can be selected such as: grey cast iron iron, ductile iron and special bearing housings of cast steel, stainless steel and plastic.

    3. Strength

    XCMG Hanyun Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as "XCMG Hanyun") is a professional industrial Internet company incubated by XCMG. Based on the accumulation of more than 70 years of industrial knowledge and the advantages of more than 30 years of digital experience, the Hanyun platform is committed to becoming the most valuable industrial Internet platform in the world. The company adheres to the corporate mission of "Empowering the industry and coexisting with partners", and deeply cultivates Rio Tinto in the industrial Internet, intelligent manufacturing and other business fields, unleashes the potential of industrial big data, and changes the traditional production, service and business models, which is the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry. A trusted partner.

    XCMG Hanyun currently has nearly 500 employees, including 2 academicians, and 40% of them are Ph.D. and postgraduate students. Keeping up with the pace of national manufacturing transformation, XCMG Hanyun has set up 9 branches in Tianjin, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Foshan, Shenzhen, Wuxi and other places, focusing on breakthroughs in the Yangtze River Delta, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, etc. In key areas of the Industrial Internet, XCMG Hanyun marketing service network covering major economic regions in the country has been established. XCMG Hanyun Industrial Internet Platform has provided services for more than 70,000 enterprises, covering more than 80 countries and regions along the “Belt and Road”, serving equipment manufacturing, construction, non-ferrous metals, construction machinery, new energy, textile machinery, logistics and transportation , smart city, core components, education and other more than 80 professional fields. He has accumulated more than 100 invention patents, software copyrights, and software product certificates, and has led and participated in the formulation of nearly 10 national-level standards for the Industrial Internet. Hanyun Platform is a national-level dual-span industrial Internet platform that has won 44 provincial and ministerial-level industry-level blockbuster awards, and has received high attention and trust from all walks of life and customers.

    After several years of development, XCMG Hanyun Industrial Internet Platform has served more than 20,000 enterprises, covering 28 countries along the Belt and Road, covering construction machinery, equipment manufacturing, smart cities, non-ferrous metals, construction, education, new energy vehicles, petrochemicals, More than 80 industries such as energy have created 20 industry sub-platforms. Provide measurable value for customers across industries and fields, continue to empower the industrial Internet ecosystem, actively contribute to the high-quality development of China's manufacturing industry, and revitalize the real economy.

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