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    Check before installation of Shangchai accessories clutch:
    1. Whether the parts match the model and engine;
    2. Whether the clutch plate can be smoothly inserted into a shaft;
    3. Whether there are grooves and foreign objects on the end face of the flywheel;
    4. Whether the separation fork and guide bearing are normal;
    5. Whether the master cylinder, clutch sub-pump, crankshaft and gearbox oil seal leak oil;
    6. Whether the release bearing can slide freely;
    7. Whether the release bearing is abnormal such as oil loss, stuck or serious wear.

    Shangchai accessories clutch installation:
    1. Use special positioning mandrels and other tools;
    2. When the gear box is docked with the flywheel housing, check whether the housing positioning pin is in good condition;
    3. When inserting the shaft, pay attention to the height, angle and tooth surface without jamming;
    4. When installing the fastening screws, tighten them alternately and evenly diagonally;
    5. The operating mechanism is well lubricated and effective;
    6. Check and adjust the free travel clearance of the clutch pedal to make it meet the specified requirements.

    Tips for installation of Shangchai accessories: Be careful not to push the first shaft of the transmission to the rear end of the crankshaft, so as not to cause wear of the cylinder block and crankshaft.

    Daily maintenance of Shangchai accessory clutch:
    1. Regularly check and maintain the clutch and its control system (generally 5000 kilometers);
    2. Check and adjust the clearance: the clutch is frequently disengaged and engaged, the friction plate gradually becomes thinner, and the clutch pressure plate gradually moves toward the flywheel; the backward movement of the release claw will gradually reduce the gap between the release claw and the release bearing, and the free stroke of the clutch will also be reduced. will decrease. After jacking up, it will cause failures such as lowering of the pressing force and abnormal wear of the release claw; on the contrary, if the free stroke of the clutch is too large, it will lead to incomplete separation;
    3. Check whether each operating mechanism is lubricated;
    4. Check the hydraulic system;
    5. The cleanliness and quantity of medium hydraulic oil. Keep the clutch clean to prevent oil, water and foreign matter from entering the clutch.

    Correct use of Shangchai accessory clutch:
    1. Start and shift smoothly, do not lift the clutch forcefully;
    2. The clutch is released quickly and completely;
    3. Reduce the semi-suspension mechanism;
    4. The number of times of use. Downhill and speeding are prohibited. Improper operation methods such as downshifting, engine stall, re-gearing after going downhill, slamming the clutch pedal, forcing the engine to restart, etc., will lead to premature wear of the clutch, and it is very easy to cause the friction plate, pressure plate, and casting cover to break.

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