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    The heating and high temperature of the oil in the hydraulic system of XCMG crane parts will lead to inflexible operation, discontinuous operation, weak work, and reduced working pressure. The following is a brief analysis and discussion on the causes, hazards and preventive measures of the hydraulic system heating.

    Reasons for oil heating of XCMG crane accessories
    1. Due to the relatively small volume and insufficient heat dissipation area, there is no oil cooling device installed, or although there is a cooling device, the capacity is too small.
    2. The pump oil supply system is fixed, and the oil pump capacity is selected according to the entry rate. When working, most of the excess flow will overflow from the overflow valve under high pressure and generate heat.
    3. The unloading circuit of the system is faulty or the unloading circuit is not set, and the oil pump cannot be unloaded when it stops working. The entire flow of the pump overflows under high pressure, causing overflow losses and heating, which heats the oil.

    Hazards caused by heating of hydraulic system of XCMG crane accessories

    XCMG crane accessories
    1. The accuracy of XCMG crane accessories is not enough, resulting in poor matching effect and large mechanical friction loss between relative movements.
    2. The fitting clearance of the fittings is too small, or the clearance is too large after wear and tear, and the internal and external leakage is large, resulting in large volume loss, such as the reduction of pump volume efficiency and rapid heating.
    3. The working pressure of the hydraulic system is adjusted to be higher than the actual need. Sometimes the pressure has to be increased to work because the seal is too tight, or the seal is damaged or leaks have increased.
    4. The high temperature of the climate and working environment causes the oil temperature to rise.
    5. Improper selection of oil viscosity, high viscosity, high viscosity resistance, too small viscosity will increase leakage, both of which will cause the oil temperature to rise.

    Post time: Mar-17-2022