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    Sinotruk XCMG Parts Engine tensioner860534787

    Short Description:

    61560060069/004 Tensioning wheel
    61560060069/004 Tensioning wheel
    VG1034060006/001 Tension wheel seat
    VG1062060011/001 Tension wheel assembly(E103)
    VG1062060011/001 Tension wheel assembly(E103)
    VG1062060111/001 Tension wheel assembly(E103)
    VG1062060112/001 Tension Wheel Assembly(E103)
    VG1400060161/001 Tension Wheel Assembly(E103)
    VG1400060161/001 Tension Wheel Assembly(E103)
    VG1560060069/004 Tension Wheel Assembly(0129)

    800166301 Tensioner 802153036 Tensioner 860501820 Engine tensioner 860502100 Engine tensioner

    860503968 Engine tensioner 860515194 Engine tensioner 860515576 Tensioner 860523657 Generator tensioner

    860523658 Fan tensioner 860524535 Tensioner 860525174 Tensioner 860528341 Engine tensioner

    860523657 Engine tensioner 860523658 Fan tensioner 860524535 Engine tensioner 860525174 Engine tensioner

    860528341 Engine tensioner 860530153 Engine tensioner 860530561 Engine tensioner 860531065 Engine tensioner

    860531105 Engine tensioner 860534787 Engine tensioner

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    Applicable models XCMG QY25K5C_2 QY70KC QY50KC QY25K5D_2 QY25KC XCT35_BR QY25K5D_3 QY25K5D_3 QY25K5C_1 QY55KC_1 QY25K5F_1 QY50KC QY50K5C_1 QY25K5C_2 QY25K5F qy25k5c qy25k5d_2 qy30kc qy55k5c_2 qy25k5f_1 qy25k5d_1 qy30kc qy55k5d
    XCT80L6 XCT130_1 XCT12 XCT80L6 XCT25L4_S XCA40_M XCA30_JY XCT25L5_3 XCT55L5 XCT110_1 XCT60L6 XCT12 XCT25L5_SR XCT25L5_2 XCT95L7 XCT75L7 QY110K8C  QY95K7C QY110K7C XCT100 XCT75_S QY40KC XCT90 XCT25 XCT25L5_E QY70KC QY40K5C_2 XCT60L6_1 QY75KC QY100K7C QY95KH QY100K6C QY50JW XCT16_1 XCT100_BR  XCT60 QY20K5D QY85KC XCT25 XCT80L5 XCT100 XCT20L5_1 XCT75L6 XCT20L5 XCT80_S XPD36 QY16KC QY16KC QY40K5D_1 QY25K5L XCA40 QY40KD QY80K5D QY70K5D_1   QY50KD QY20K5C XCT50_Y XCT16_Y XCT25L4_Y XCT80_Y XCT60_Y XCT50_Y and other XCT QY RT series models

    The role of the tensioner
    1: Tensioner is a belt tensioning device used in automobile transmission system. The tensioner is mainly composed of a fixed casing, a tensioning arm, a wheel body, a torsion spring, a rolling bearing and a spring bushing.
    2: The function of the tensioner is to adjust the tightness of the timing belt. Generally, it is replaced with the timing belt to avoid worries. Other parts do not need to be replaced. As long as it is maintained regularly. The oil must be diligent Change, generally 4,000 to 5,000 kilometers should be replaced.
    3: The tensioner bearing is divided into two types: one-piece type and one-piece type. The one-piece type means that the outer iron frame is connected to the inner ring or outer ring of the bearing. Simply speaking, it is a bearing. The separate type means that the outside is an iron frame, and then the inside is pressed. A 6007 or other ordinary ball bearing.
    4: Bearing is an important component in contemporary mechanical equipment. According to the different friction properties of moving elements, bearings can be divided into two categories: rolling bearings and sliding bearings. Among them, the rolling bearing has been standardized and serialized, but compared with the sliding bearing, its radial size, vibration and noise are larger, and the price is also higher. The tensioner bearing is actually an ordinary bearing but the structure is different.

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