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    XCMG Crane Crane Motor 803081202

    Short Description:

    tail light bracket for crane lights

    tail light bracket for crane truck

    tail light bracket for crane crane

    tail light bracket for crane operator

    tail light bracket for crane

    truck tail light mounting bracket

    Crane rigid light bracket

    Crane charging indicator bracket

    Crane left marker light bracket

    Crane warning light bracket

    Crane rear combination lamp bracket

    Crane height light bracket

    Product Detail

    Product Tags

    Product description:

    Motor 803085326
    Motor 803000264
    803085389 Hydraulic motor
    Motor 803000484
    803084246 Hydraulic motor
    Motor 803081202
    803000233 Drive motor
    803048360 Drive motor
    819900021 Hydraulic motor
    Motor 803000264

    Applicable models:
    QY25K5C_2, QY70KC, QY50KC, QY25K5D_2, QY25KC, XCT35_BR, QY25K5D_3, QY25K5D_3, QY25K5C_1, QY55KC_1, QY25K5F_1, QY50KC, QY50K5C_1, QY25K5C_2, QY25K5F, QY25K5C, QY25K5D_2, QY30KC, QY55K5C_2, QY25K5F_1, QY25K5D_1, QY30KC, QY55K5D, XCT80L6, XCT130_1, XCT12, XCT80L6, XCT25L4_S, XCA40_M, XCA30_JY, XCT25L5_3, XCT55L5, XCT110_1, XCT60L6, XCT12, XCT25L5_SR, XCT25L5_2, XCT95L7, XCT75L7, QY110K8C, QY95K7C, QY110K7C, XCT100 XCT75_S, QY40KC, XCT90, XCT25, XCT25L5_E, QY70KC, QY40K5C_2 XCT60L6_1, QY75KC, QY100K7C, QY95KH, QY100K6C, QY50JW, XCT16_1, XCT100_BR, XCT60, QY20K5D, QY85KC, XCT25, XCT80L5, XCT100, XCT20L5_1, XCT75L6, XCT20L5, XCT80_S, XPD36, QY16KC, QY16KC, QY40K5D_1, QY25K5L, XCA40, QY40KD, QY80K5D, QY70K5D_1 , QY50KD , QY20K5C , XCT50_Y , XCT16_Y , XCT25L4_Y , XCT80_Y , XCT60_Y , XCT50_Y and other XCT QY series models
    At the same time, we have all the accessories of XCMG.

    2 Product introduction:

    The starter motor refers to the motor that is installed on the engine and used to start the diesel and gasoline engines through electric drive. Start the motor, reduce the trouble of manually starting the engine, start quickly, reusable, and widely used. It is commonly used in the starting of automobile engines, the starting of generators, the starting of large construction machinery, etc.
    The starter motor converts the electrical energy of the battery into mechanical energy, and drives the flywheel on the engine to rotate to realize the starting of the engine. The structure of the starter motor is composed of three parts: DC motor, transmission mechanism, and electromagnetic switch.
    Transmission mechanism: When the engine is started, the gear driven by the starter motor is engaged with the flywheel ring gear, and the torque on the starter motor is transmitted to the engine crankshaft. After the engine is started, the starter is automatically disengaged from the ring gear.


    3 problem solving:

    Check the pinion tooth profile, if the gear teeth are worn, replace the pinion gear, and check the state of the ring gear and tooth profile.
    If it is a starter equipped with a reducer gear, you need to check the tooth profile of the reduction gear, and replace the reduction gear if the teeth are worn.
    The reasons for the failure of the starter motor are: 1. There is a problem with the power cord; 2. The contact plate of the start switch is ablated and the resistance of the engine is too large; 3. The power output of the starter is insufficient to drive the crankshaft; 4. The excitation coil is short-circuited and the battery is depleted. . The starter motor refers to the motor installed on the engine through electric drive to start the diesel and gasoline engines.

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