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    XCMG Crane Parts Hangfa Oil Filter VG1540070007

    Short Description:

    oil filter

    oil filter price

    engine oil filter

    Oil fine filter assembly

    Oil filter cover gasket

    Oil fine filter body gasket

    Oil fine filter assembly AG26

    Product Detail

    Product Tags

    Product description:

    6120-1017-001/001 Oil fine filter assembly
     6120-1017-002/001 Oil fine filter rotor assembly
     6120-1017-014/001 Oil fine filter cover gasket
     6120-1017-023/001 Oil fine filter body gasket
     6120-1017-031/001 Oil fine filter rotor screen
     H61560079001/001 Oil fine filter assembly
     H61AG26079005/001 Oil fine filter assembly AG26
     VG1540070007/001 oil fine filter
     VG1540070007/002 oil fine filter

    Applicable models Applicable models:
    QY25K5C_2, QY70KC, QY50KC, QY25K5D_2, QY25KC, XCT35_BR, QY25K5D_3, QY25K5D_3, QY25K5C_1, QY55KC_1, QY25K5F_1, QY50KC, QY50K5C_1, QY25K5C_2, QY25K5F, QY25K5C, QY25K5D_2, QY30KC, QY55K5C_2, QY25K5F_1, QY25K5D_1, QY30KC, QY55K5D, XCT80L6, XCT130_1, XCT12, XCT80L6, XCT25L4_S, XCA40_M, XCA30_JY, XCT25L5_3, XCT55L5, XCT110_1, XCT60L6, XCT12, XCT25L5_SR, XCT25L5_2, XCT95L7, XCT75L7, QY110K8C, QY95K7C, QY110K7C, XCT100 XCT75_S, QY40KC, XCT90, XCT25, XCT25L5_E, QY70KC, QY40K5C_2 XCT60L6_1, QY75KC, QY100K7C, QY95KH, QY100K6C, QY50JW, XCT16_1, XCT100_BR, XCT60, QY20K5D, QY85KC, XCT25, XCT80L5, XCT100, XCT20L5_1, XCT75L6, XCT20L5, XCT80_S, XPD36, QY16KC, QY16KC, QY40K5D_1, QY25K5L, XCA40, QY40KD, QY80K5D, QY70K5D_1 , QY50KD , QY20K5C , XCT50_Y , XCT16_Y , XCT25L4_Y , XCT80_Y , XCT60_Y , XCT50_Y and other XCT QY series models.
    At the same time, we have all the accessories of XCMG.

    Product introduction:

    During the working process of the engine, metal wear debris, dust, carbon deposits oxidized at high temperature, colloidal sediment, water, etc., are continuously mixed into the lubricating oil. The function of the oil filter is to filter out these mechanical impurities and gums, keep the lubricating oil clean and prolong its service life. The oil filter should have the characteristics of strong filtering ability, small flow resistance and long service life. In general, several filters with different filtration capacities are installed in the lubrication system—the collector, the coarse filter and the fine filter, which are respectively connected in parallel or in series in the main oil passage. (The one connected in series with the main oil passage is called a full-flow filter. When the engine is working, all the lubricating oil is filtered by the filter; the one connected in parallel with it is called a split-flow filter). Among them, the first filter is connected in series in the main oil passage, which is full flow; the fine filter is connected in parallel in the main oil passage, which is divided flow. Modern car engines generally only have a collector filter and a full-flow oil filter. The coarse filter filters out impurities with a particle size of 0.05mm or more in the oil, and the fine filter is used to filter out fine impurities with a particle size of 0.001mm or more.


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