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    XCMG Loader Fuel Filter Oil Filter XGKL-10X0.63 (QL-8)*803164217

    Short Description:

    612600081294 fuel filter 1000424916A*860119766
    612600081294 Fuel filter 1000424916A(860119766)*860157920
    860156821*612630080087H/1000422382 fuel filter
    Diesel filter D638-002-02(80G)(Original factory of Shangchai)*860113017
    860147023*612630080088H/A fuel coarse filter
    5 tons of national three Weichai fuel coarse filter 612630080088H*860131967
    5 tons of national three Weichai fuel fine filter 612630080087H*860131988
    Diesel fine filter element 612600081334A/1000442956A (Original Weichai factory)*860133745
    410800080092 Fuel filter (spare parts) 1000447498*860139614
    5 tons of Weichai 2 stage Weichai engine fuel coarse filter 612600081335*860113254
    5 tons of Weichai 2 stage Weichai engine fuel fine filter 612600081334*860113253
    13067054 Fuel filter element (DHB06G0101)*860135413
    1174421 Filter (1000736512)*860135411
    Diesel crude filter 612600081335H/A(1000588583)(Original Weichai)*860133746

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    Product description:

    Applicable models
    XC870K, XC870HK, WZ30-25, XC740K, XC750K, XC760K, XC770K, LW200FVSUPER, XC918-EV, LW230FV, LW156FV, LW180KV, ZL20E (J), LW200KV, ZL20E (D), LW156FV, ultra low king LW160FV, LW200KV, container Special Type LW180FV, LW186FV, LW200FV, LW200FV Grain King ZL30E, LW700KV-T33, LW500KV-T18, LW500KV-LNG, DL210KV, LW500KV Side Load, LW600KV-T25, ZL50E, XC9350, KV
    LW700FV, LW800HV, LW900KN, LW1000KN, LW1200KN, LW700HV, LW500HV Super, LW550KV, LW550HV, LW600E, XC958-EV, LW350FV, LW350KV, LW500FV Super.

    Fuel filter, as the name suggests, is used to filter impurities in automobile fuel, which is what we often call "three filters". First of all, depending on the fuel, it can include gasoline filters and diesel filters. It is a wearing part and needs to be cleaned and replaced regularly. The fuel of most private cars is basically gasoline, so the filter is the gasoline filter.
    Importance of changing fuel filters
    Clean fuels are relatively different from carbureted cars. Electric motorcycles need cleaner fuel because even tiny impurities can wear down the delicate parts of the EFI system. Therefore, EFI vehicles require a special gasoline filter that can absorb impurities in the fuel and prevent them from entering the fuel injection valve and cold start valve. The gasoline filter is an important part of the electronic injection system. Only gasoline filters that match or exceed the matching products from the original factory can supply the clean fuel required by the EFI system, which will optimize engine performance and provide the best protection for the engine.
    3 replacement cycle
    It seems to me that the fuel filter must be changed every 30,000 km in normal use. If the content of fuel impurities is large, the driving distance should be reduced accordingly. However, most of us advocate replacement every 20,000 kilometers. Please refer to the car manual for the best replacement time.
    Under normal circumstances, the replacement of the fuel filter is carried out when the car is overhauled, and the air filter and the oil filter are replaced at the same time. But in reality, it can be extended moderately according to the condition of the car engine. Due to the high level of gasoline production technology at present, it is quite closed from production to sales, the gasoline is much cleaner, and the fuel filter is rarely blocked.
    Do not choose a poor quality fuel filter when replacing the filter. Due to the poor material of the filter element used in the inferior fuel filter, not only the filtering effect is poor, but also the filter layer of the filter element itself will fall off after being immersed in the oil for a long time, blocking the oil circuit, resulting in insufficient fuel pressure and the car cannot be started. At the same time, it will also cause abnormal pressure in the fuel system, which directly affects the lack of engine power or combustion, damages valuable components such as three-way catalytic converters and oxygen sensors, and causes huge economic losses.

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