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    XCMG loader oil return filter element 803079928

    Short Description:

    WU-16×100-J Oil suction filter element*803164228
    ZPAG2X air filter (for 251807810)*803086817
    XGHL7-700×10 oil return filter*803164329
    XGHL7-700×10 oil return filter*803164329
    XGXL1-630×100F(WU-630×100F-J) Oil suction filter*803164216

    803164363oil return filter XGHL8-1200×10
    803268845 oil return filterXGHL10-1300×10
    800104318 Oil return filter XE150D
    803379758 Oil return filter XE490DK

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    Product description:

    Applicable models:

    XC870K, XC870HK, WZ30-25, XC740K, XC750K, XC760K, XC770K, LW200FVSUPER, XC918-EV, LW230FV, LW156FV, LW180KV, ZL20E (J), LW200KV, ZL20E (D), LW156FV, ultra low king LW160FV, LW200KV, container Special Type LW180FV, LW186FV, LW200FV, LW200FV Grain King ZL30E, LW700KV-T33, LW500KV-T18, LW500KV-LNG, DL210KV, LW500KV Side Load, LW600KV-T25, ZL50E, XC9350, KV
    LW700FV, LW800HV, LW900KN, LW1000KN, LW1200KN, LW700HV, LW500HV Super, LW550KV, LW550HV, LW600E, XC958-EV, LW350FV, LW350KV, LW500FV Super

    The oil return filter is mainly installed on the oil return pipeline of the hydraulic system. Various dirt such as abrasive particles generated by various hydraulic components during the working process can be intercepted by setting the oil return pipeline oil filter to avoid returning to the oil tank again. The allowable pressure difference of the oil filter in the oil return line, according to different pressure levels, ranges from 0.3 to 0.5MPa. The accuracy is determined according to the requirements of the oil contamination degree.
    There are more factors to be considered in the setting of the oil return filter. One of the important factors is the hydraulic shock, especially when there are hydraulic cylinders and proportional valves upstream, the reversing of the hydraulic cylinders and the sudden drop of the proportional valve under high pressure. Electricity will produce a large instantaneous flow impact, which will cause great damage to the filter element of the oil filter. When designing and selecting the oil filter for the return line, you must have a full understanding and strengthen it in structure.
    3 Performance characteristics
    The material of the oil return filter element is mainly divided into four types: glass fiber type, paper type, mesh type and line gap type.
    The glass fiber filter element has the advantages of high filtration accuracy, large oil passing capacity, less original pressure loss, and large dirt holding capacity. It cannot be cleaned and used repeatedly. When the filter element is blocked, it must be replaced.
    Compared with glass fiber, the overall performance of the paper filter element is weak, and the filtration accuracy is defined by the manufacturer according to the nominal accuracy. It cannot be cleaned and used repeatedly. When the filter element is blocked, it must be replaced. The price of paper filter element is slightly lower, and it is more widely used.
    The mesh type and the line-gap type generally use wire mesh as the filter material. The advantage is that it can be repeatedly cleaned and used many times; the disadvantage is that the filtering effect is poor, and it is rarely used in hydraulic oil return lines.

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