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    XCMG Parts XCMG Crane Parts Pressure sensors

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    800161131 DOC Rear Pressure sensors; 800161132 DOC Front Pressure sensors
    800166012 Oil Pressure sensors; 800166308 Oil Pressure sensors
    800166833 Oil Pressure sensors; 800171681 Pressure sensors
    802154614 Oil Pressure sensors; 803543029 Pressure sensors
    803543030 Pressure sensors; 803545928 Pressure sensors
    803589674 Pressure sensors; 803590163 Pressure sensors
    803591499 Pressure sensors; 803608031 Pressure sensors connector
    803676623 Pressure sensors connector; 803678556 Pressure sensors connector
    860149905 Oil Pressure sensors

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    Applicable models XCMG: QY25K5C_2 QY70KC QY50KC QY25K5D_2 QY25KC XCT35_BR QY25K5D_3 QY25K5D_3 QY25K5C_1 QY55KC_1 QY25K5F_1 QY50KC QY50K5C_1 QY25K5C_2 QY25K5F QY25K5C QY25K5D_2 QY30KC QY55K5C_2 QY25K5F_1 QY25K5D_1 QY30KC QY55K5D
    XCT80L6 XCT130_1 XCT12 XCT80L6 XCT25L4_S XCA40_M XCA30_JY XCT25L5_3 XCT55L5 XCT110_1 XCT60L6 XCT12 XCT25L5_SR XCT25L5_2 XCT95L7 XCT75L7 QY110K8C QY95K7C QY110K7C XCT100 XCT75_S QY40KC XCT90 XCT25 XCT25L5_E QY70KC QY40K5C_2 XCT60L6_1 QY75KC QY100K7C QY95KH QY100K6C QY50JW XCT16_1 XCT100_BR XCT60 QY20K5D QY85KC XCT25 XCT80L5 XCT100 XCT20L5_1 XCT75L6 XCT20L5 XCT80_S XPD36 QY16KC QY16KC QY40K5D_1 QY25K5L XCA40 QY40KD QY80K5D QY70K5D_1 QY50KD QY20K5C XCT50_Y XCT16_Y XCT25L4_Y XCT80_Y XCT60_Y XCT50_Y and other XCT QY RT series models


    2. Product introduction
    It is one of the most commonly used sensors in industrial practice. Generally, the output of ordinary Pressure sensors is an analog signal, and an analog signal means that the information parameters appear as continuous signals within a given range. Or in a continuous time interval, the characteristic quantity of its representative information can be presented as a signal of any value at any instant. The Pressure sensors we usually use are mainly made of piezoelectric effect, and such sensors are also called piezoelectric sensors. ,
    We know that crystals are anisotropic and amorphous is isotropic. When some crystalline medium is deformed by mechanical force in a certain direction, polarization effect occurs; when the mechanical force is removed, it will return to an uncharged state, that is, when it is under pressure, a certain These crystals may produce an electrical effect, which is called the polarization effect. Scientists developed Pressure sensors based on this effect.
    The piezoelectric materials mainly used in piezoelectric sensors include quartz, potassium sodium tartrate and ammonium dihydrogen phosphate. Among them, quartz (silicon dioxide) is a natural crystal, and the piezoelectric effect is found in this crystal. Within a certain temperature range, the piezoelectric properties always exist, but after the temperature exceeds this range, the piezoelectric properties are completely disappear (this high temperature is the so-called "Curie point"). Since the electric field changes slightly with the change of stress (that is to say, the piezoelectric coefficient is relatively low), quartz is gradually replaced by other piezoelectric crystals. And potassium sodium tartrate has great piezoelectric sensitivity and piezoelectric coefficient, but it can only be applied in the environment of room temperature and low humidity. Dihydrogen phosphate is an artificial crystal with a relative density of 1.80 and a melting point of 190°C. It can withstand high temperature and relatively high humidity and is stable in the air. The solubility in water at room temperature (20°C) is 37.4g, slightly soluble in ethanol and insoluble in acetone, so it has been widely used. At present, the piezoelectric effect is also applied to polycrystals, such as current piezoelectric ceramics, including barium titanate piezoelectric ceramics, PZT, niobate piezoelectric ceramics, lead magnesium niobate piezoelectric ceramics, and the like.
    The piezoelectric effect is the main working principle of the piezoelectric sensor, and the piezoelectric sensor cannot be used for static measurement, because the charge after the external force is only saved when the loop has an infinite input impedance. This is not the case in reality, so this determines that the piezoelectric sensor can only measure dynamic stress.
    Piezoelectric sensors are mainly used in the measurement of acceleration, pressure and force. Piezoelectric accelerometer is a commonly used accelerometer. It has the advantages of simple structure, small size, light weight and long service life. Piezoelectric accelerometers have been widely used in the vibration and shock measurement of aircraft, automobiles, ships, bridges and buildings, especially in the fields of aviation and aerospace. Piezoelectric sensors can also be used to measure combustion pressure and vacuum measurements inside the engine. It can also be used in the military industry, for example, it is used to measure the change of the chamber pressure and the shock wave pressure of the muzzle at the moment when the gun bullet is fired in the chamber. It can be used to measure both large and small pressures.
    Piezoelectric sensors are also widely used in biomedical measurements. For example, ventricular catheter microphones are made of piezoelectric sensors. Because the measurement of dynamic pressure is so common, the application of piezoelectric sensors is very wide.
    In addition to piezoelectric sensors, there are also piezoresistive sensors manufactured using the piezoresistive effect, strain sensors using the strain effect, etc. These different Pressure sensors use different effects and different materials, and can play them in different occasions. unique use.

    3. Strength
    XCMG Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: XCMG Co., Ltd.) is an important member enterprise with the core business and the longest history of Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: XCMG). It is a large-scale, product variety and series in my country's construction machinery industry. It is a 100 billion-level leading enterprise with complete, highly competitive, influential and national strategic position. At present, it ranks first in the domestic industry, third in the global industry, fourth in China's top 100 machinery industries, and 395th in the world's top 500 brands. It is a resounding business card for China's equipment manufacturing industry.
    XCMG all-terrain cranes have profound technical accumulation and continue to lead the global crane technology revolution. The leading XC A1200 all-terrain crane is the eight-axle 1200-ton all-terrain crane with the highest lifting performance in the industry, and the world's first self-folding special boom for wind power.
    The market share of XCMG truck cranes is nearly 60% in the country. XCMG's unique mature key technology improves performance in all directions and creates excellent value for customers. The arm length is fully covered, the power is stronger, the efficiency is more prominent, the operation is more stable, the economy is more prominent, and the system is more reliable.

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