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    About Us

    Company Profile

    Our company was established in 2003 and has been serving many large-scale industrial and mining, road and bridge enterprises in China, as well as small and medium-sized companies and individual users all over the country.

    Our company specializes in wholesale and operation of XCMG's cranes, loaders, road rollers, graders, paver, truck-mounted cranes, XCMG accessories and other mechanical equipment accessories, as well as matching Shangchai accessories, Hangfa accessories, Weichai series diesel engine assemblies and spare parts, concurrently operating Meritor axles, Dajiang axle accessories, Hangzhou gear, Liuzhou ZF, Germany ZF, Qijiang, Shaanxi gear transmission accessories.

    XCMG抯 Profit Surges as Global Economic Recovery Boosts Demand for Construction Machinery. (PRNewsfoto/XCMG)

    The premise of personal development is to have a plan and a mind. The premise of company development is to have a strategy and a pattern.
    Chu Feng's strategy is a global strategy, and our pattern is a global pattern. The company insists on taking quality management
    as the foundation, brand building as the core, design and development as the guide, and market expansion as the drive to achieve rapid and steady development in operation.


    Main Business

    XCMG crane accessories, XCMG truck mounted crane accessories, XCMG crawler crane accessories, XCMG crane accessories, XCMG crane engine accessories (Shangchai engine accessories, Hangfa engine accessories, Steyr engine accessories, Cummins engine accessories, Volvo engine accessories, Yuchai engine parts, Weichai engine parts and imported engine parts); XCMG crane gear shifting accessories (Baojiang gearbox accessories), XCMG crane cab and accessories (cab glass, cab door lock, cab door assembly, Cab interior decoration, cab rearview mirror, cab seat, cab wiper motor, cab wiper arm, cab steering wheel, cab body accessories, etc.); XCMG crane cab and accessories (cab glass, control Cabin door lock, cab door assembly, cab interior decoration, cab seat, cab wiper motor, cab wiper arm, cab body accessories, etc.); XCMG crane cylinder (vertica loil cylinder, horizontal oil cylinder, luffing Oil Nail, telescopic oil cylinder, fifth outrigger oil cylinder, booster oil cylinder, brake oil cylinder); XCMG crane wire rope (main hoist wire rope, auxiliary hoist wire braid, outrigger wire rope); XCMG crane puller (thick cable, thin cable, row rope, circulating rope); XCMG crane pulley (arm end pulley, guide pulley, hook pulley, jib pulley, thin cable pulley, thick cable pulley); XCMG crane slider, XCMG crane glass (front windshield, door glass, rear window glass, etc.); XCMG crane lamps (headlights, turn signals, fog lights, warning lights, height lights, outdoor ceiling lights, rear lights. Brake lights, work lights , warning lights, counterweight lights, etc.); XCMG crane instrument (odometer, pressure gauge, fuel gauge, oil pressure gauge, tachometer, water temperature gauge, air pressure gauge, etc.); XCMG crane computer (torque limiter, display, host); XCMG crane hydraulic valve (multi-way valve on board, multi-way valve off, luffing balance valve, hoist balance valve, telescopic balance valve, pilot control valve, hydraulic Press locks, etc.); XCMG crane bridges (Dajiang Bridge accessories, Meritor bridge accessories); XCMG crane tie rods (horizontal tie rods and ball joints, longitudinal tie rods and ball joints, etc.), XCMG crane drive shaft, XCMG crane slewing Bearing, XCMG crane slewing reducer, XCMG crane winch assembly, XCMG crane winch reducer, XCMG crane wheel dynamic reducer, XCMG crane balance and accessories, XCMG crane Sensors (oil pressure sensor, length angle sensor, mileage sensor, fuel sensor, height limit switch); XCMG crane boom, XCMG crane high pressure gear pump (single pump, double pump, triple pump, quadruple pump); XCMG Crane steering gear and accessories, XCMG crane axle pins, XCMG crane electrical accessories, XCMG crane filter elements (air filter, diesel filter, hydraulic oil filter, Oil filter element, steering gear filter material, brake cylinder filter element); XCMG crane turntable, XCMG crane whole vehicle seals, customized crane cab, cab, boom and other structural parts and XCMG 8-500T crane full car accessories!