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    The control bucket of the excavator is a very important prefabricated component in the whole process of the excavator, and its quality is more concerned by all consumers. The excavator bucket is used throughout the operation process.

    relevant matters1

    The amount of use in the process is large, and the necessary materials must be carefully estimated. The excavator is divided into different types of excavators according to the different use sites. Naturally, the materials used by different types of excavators are different. What matters should we pay attention to when using excavator buckets? Let’s learn together.

    It is strictly forbidden for the staff to cross over the cab of the dump truck, which is very likely to lead to safety accidents. When the bucket is working, it is not allowed to use dry to destroy solid objects such as rock layers. If you encounter a very large stone, you must first remove it and work again. It is strictly forbidden to use the bucket to defeat the rock layer of level 5, which is very easy to cause damage to the bucket.

    During the whole process of vertical movement of the excavator, the core must first level the ground, and immediately remove the shadowy obstacles in the safety exit. It is strictly forbidden to lift the excavator with the bucket, which is very easy to cause safety.

    ACCIDENT. After the bucket is off the ground, you can drive rampantly, and the driver should concentrate on the operation to prevent other safety accidents.

    1. Advantages of casting buckets:

    1. The casting material has high compressive strength. The excavator will encounter complex situations in the process of work, especially when digging out hard objects, the bucket has to bear a huge impact force and high wear-resistant materials are indispensable for the bucket of the excavator.

    2. Casting materials have more main uses. Casting materials have strong malleability and wear resistance.

    3. The cost of casting materials is low, and the comprehensive social and economic development characteristics are good. Casting materials have less energy, material consumption and cost than other metal material forming methods.


    Post time: Jul-22-2022